Youtube video backup and playlist search

A year ago I decided its the last time I search (by scrolling) for something I have saved in my “favorites” playlist and unable to find it because Youtube deleted the video and all the meta-data with it.

I understand that it may be because of copyrights and other claims, but at least leave the title of the video so I could find it somewhere else.
Also most of the time the video is missing because of account transfer, deletion or something like that.

The other struggle is scrolling through 4 000 videos to find a song that I have listened 2 years ago, why I can’t have a search (filtering) for my Youtube playlists?

I have a clue why it could be expensive and infrastructure-heavy to have that feature. Datastore is scaling NoSQL, Google Cloud – Database-as-a-service (DBaaS).
More specifically Key -> Value NoSQL database. It scales and it is fast as long as you search by KEY (the referencing point to a document). It is really hard and expensive to do SQL-like queries in such database. So if they use it in some of Youtube functionality, it would be expensive for them to have that kind of feature – searching and filtering within playlists for values in documents (videos) meta-data.

Anyway, I built a solution for my problem! is cloud platform that backups your playlists every 24hours and keeps the data for the videos.
Also, it gives you features like searching within your playlists, download videos and direct linking.

  • Backup videos metadata
  • Search within videos
  • Stream them on your iPhone device (planned) 🙂
  • Parallel the backup process with forking (almost there)
  • Migrate the project to NoSQL document-based DB (if there exist interest and usage of the tool)
  • Keep the service for free forever

I had really short time to build it (12 hours), so I used technologies that I am really familiar with (PHP/MySQL) and Youtube (api). I integrated facebook login since its the one I prefer most of the time. Right now the code is so ugly that Even I can’t stand it but some refining is coming soon (like next time I have a couple of hours free).

Also, I have planned to integrate video/music streaming to ios, since another thing that bugs me is the incapability to listen to music when my iPhone is locked. Youtube has that feature for their premium app.

Hope you enjoy it, send comments and recommendations to my FB ->