Wifi Password Viewer

Hello, friends.

Lately, more and more I am facing the issue of viewing my wireless saved passwords.
I really expected that to option to be implemented in Windows 10, but sadly not. So when I need to share my WiFi password or see a network password that I use but don’t remember the password, I go through the CMD password reveal process. I will post it later, the difficult thing is that every time I have to look up for the exact commands and steps.

So what I and my friend Julian Sapundjiev did is a Windows app – working on most modern versions: 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
The point is having an app with graphic interface, whereby with a simple click to be able to reveal the password copy and use it.

Here is a screenshot of the app. And you can download it from here. <-


I really hope it is helpful and useful for you :).

If you used it and liked it. Give it thumbs up on Quora so it could reach to more people.