VoicePay | Paysafe fintech hackaton

I am really glad that we had the opportunity to be at Paysafe hackathon, it was an amazing experience!

Paysafe is a global provider of payment solutions, trusted by businesses and consumers in over 200 countries and territories.

The event was at 31.03.2018, hosted by the amazing Capital Fort – Business center. Orgazination was handled entirely by Paysafe and it was really amazing, everything was set-up professionally (network connection, desk position, help from mentors, food and beverages).

Together with Dimitar Danailov, Julian Sapundjiev and I (Orlin Bobchev), we have built a payment processing application for Google Home device (Google Assistant), integrated with Paysafe API.

We have done a lot of experimentation with the functionality that Google platforms (actions.google.com, console.dialogflow.com) are giving you and we were impressed by how much functionality you have built-in and ready to use. The most fascinating to us was that we could easily establish webhook and call an external function (Microsoft Azure cloud function), where you can have advanced logic or feed the return with rich data (images, html, etc…).

Google also has an SDK that allows you to dig deeper, you can even integrate your own voice recognize implementation and use the raw input.

While testing with Paysafe API, we found a bug and posted a ticket on their Github.

Overall we had great fun. Please enjoy the video presentation.

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