The shape of things to come

So 2015 have passed.
In personal matter lot of good things happened and sadly a lot of sad.
I meet death once again and my thought about live become even deeper and maybe even more profound.
Nice music happened in 2015, I`ve visited Pink Floyd tribute by Brit Floyd with my dearest friend (small Julian) Cimentarow. It was hell of a show!

We traveled far and wide from the 1965 to nowadays, just so we can be to the dark side of the moon and break the wall.

We traveled far and wide from the 1965 to nowadays, just so we can be to the dark side of the moon and break the wall.


In technical innovation with (big Julian) Sapundjiev, assembled and tested our medical innovation ;).

Orlin - Julian Sapundjiev ECG

I have visited Denmark, heaven to live, hell if you going to be entrepreneur! Those guys will face some problems in future, when big companies change their location.

Denmark 6 Denmark 5 Denmark4 Denmark 3 Denmark 2 Denmark 2015


My view on how broker companies work was turned upside down! When I saw stuff from the kitchen of one of the biggest financial brokers in my hometown and in my country, I was amazed that this place works. It is like when you have a friend that works in some restaurant and tells you that they put you already used straw in your drink (true story). Well in the financial sector is even worse. I have saw mad monkeys with blood in their eyes and no idea what they are doing clapping on the keyboard and yelling on each other, people that even have no interest on how economics or finance work, being on a place, responsible for quite a lot of transactions and quite a lot of securities. Not only that but you can see personal data and passwords flying all around the room, if you think your broker is protecting you, oh boy you are wrong. At that place there was not even one person qualified for his position or work and of course it would be that way, because no reasonable and capable person would work there, when your superiors are ignorant bastards and the paycheck is lower than flipping burgers job. So of course after 3 days of yelling in my face from some ignorant person that I can see I dominate big time by knowledge and realization that only this place can gain from me, not I from it I left, leaving them document of full concept of high frequency trading and some thoughts to think about. The funny thing is that some later after their ONLY server crashed and thousands of accounts left uncontrollable, because they got only one internet and power supplier, what a laugh.

They don`t have an idea what they are doing in VB

What else?

So let me think … aha … the OIL dropped in record lows, Russia tried to snag Ukraine by internal political injection, but failed. The so called ISIS raise and fall with millions of people dead and suffering. Greece almost (for the media) left the EU. Of course all of this is connected and of course it is all result of the ignorance of the people and we as society still don`t give a fuck, so in short, year as any other.

Well not exactly!

Because in technical terms, we`ve got private companies launch and return space rockets, the machine learning become easier to implement and got new media attention. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation cured polio, but sadly we are nowhere at finding solution or cure to Alzheimer disease, something that I am very passionate about. Interstellar come in cinema and people again start to look up in the sky and started to ask questions about it again.

OH AND I GRADUATED!!! Bachelor’s Finance 2011-2015, Finance Investigation Specialization 2013-2015 🙂

Graduation of Orlin Bobchev

Enough about the past!

What about the future, on the present? 2016 baby, here we are!


Year 2016

In personal plant, well I don`t have exact plan or a wish for now. I am working on MyTeletouch, my ECG project and some other things with machine learning and finance (will reveal later that year). I am waiting for the spring to come and to get my cactus out for the sun to caress him all day.

Some predictions:

Economics and Politics – a lot of shit yet to come, we are still not grown in our minds and we will see racism in Europe, disrupt in Asia, China will still not be able to handle the markets, because the stupid mother fuckers still can`t realize the concept of free market (we will see more interference and closing of their stock exchanges). USA still will kick ass in innovation.
We will see some “Star Wars”, but in corporate version, because of SpaceX and Blue Origin, did you get it, because space rockets and company wars, did you get it? 😀

Did you get it joke

Something that you must watch is Watson from IBM! I think they will hit with innovation big time!

Well I guess some of you are waiting for some financial instruments chars huh? OK


In EUR/USD we support and resistance at 1.18144 and 1.04625. From there we have 3 scenarios:

Direct fall below 1.04625 and close in it. From where I expect down to near 0.85000.

Break 1.22230, but not closing there, from which I would expect return to around 1.13000.

And close higher than 1.25200 will result in targets higher than 1.31000 for the end of the year (2016).



The Gold is at key level ! We will see further fall or very sharp spike to 2013 year levels! Actually I would look for some buys opportunities around 1180.70 🙂



I am seeing still some drop for now.


So what to say more in this long post. Hmmm… well I wish 2016 to have some love in it, please 2016 contain love and wisdome, some success woudn`t be unnecessary. And blackjack, and hookers, you know forget the blackjack.