Taking back control – communication management | PLS ASL

Hi friends.
Recently I realized how little contact details I have of all my friends, people I communicate through social networks and so on.

All my communication goes through different social networks. Which I am not opposed of, actually I am a big fan of keeping in touch through let say Facebook. It is convenient and you can manage people and what content I would expect through the channels (Instagram – photos, Instagram {my account about topic} – photos about a certain topic, facebook – friends and close followers, LinkedIn business and so on).

BUT that makes me dependent on them and even the deeper setback is the limitation of my message reaching to my friends. You see, when you post something on your Facebook wall, Facebook decides when and even if, it is going to show it to your friends feed.

Recently I had to post something important, that I really wanted to reach all my friends and of course Facebook offered me to boost my post for 5$. LIKE WTF.
Even if you try to “personal message” your friends, Facebook blocks you after the 25th message. Those are my friends and most of them I hope, care about what I have to say.


In the old days we collected emails, got IRC channels then ICQ and later Skype to connect and communicate. Everything after that become “eventually connected”. Connected if allowed.


So I realized my mistake, it is not that I communicate through social media, social media is cool (it is a good tool!), but like every tool it does not fill all needs.
My mistake is not collecting all the old (but vital) contact details.

So I urge everyone that would like to be in touch with me, help me get to you by signing the form below.
Everyone that I don’t know bet would like to bend minds together is more than welcome (just leave some info).

link if the form bellow is not working -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbFmG8X5bmyd7jXkimaPIl6doIJcqRUedxKuAOj-FP7gnDhg/viewform?usp=sf_link