We must either LOVE each other or we must DIE

Yesterday 31 human beings with families, dreams and hopes lost their lives in brutal act of violence, without the opportunity to say one last “I love you” or “Good bye” to their loved ones. Considering the way that happened, probably their bodies are in pieces brutally smashed from the blast, so their relatives can’t see them and kiss the for their journey in to the light.
I want to imagine that in your mind, I want to feel just a little piece and scratch from the pain of their relatives and the lost for all of humanity, because we will not be able to see that beautiful souls again.

Right now you are going through many emotions. But you must feel only sadness and despair! Because whatever we do, we cannot create, recreate or return the life of this people.

And for all of you that feel anger, it is normal, but you must stop, because anger is the exact the same thing that brought us here. I bet that right now in your head you know the exact reason why all this happened, how this could be prevented and how all may be fine if we do,did this and that… But you are nothing more than an ignorant fools.
There is only one thing that humanity need to do and this is to LEARN HOW TO LOVE EACH OTHER or we will all gonna DIE. And we are trying.

Ironically the place where this terrorist act have happened is the very place where people are trying to solve this mystery. How all that nations full of people with different believes, views and wants, to live in peace. And right there is where they (the ignorant pieces of mind blended, heavily deformed souls) will hit, so we can be doubtful in the piece of mind. And so we can doubt in the question “CAN WE LOVE?” and “CAN WE EVER LIVE IN PEACE, SINCE WE ARE SO DIFFERENT?”.

Its not the dead people, its the doubt in peace that they want ! The doubt that we are on the right track, and the doubt in believing that we can do it better from the past. As open world, as open society. BECAUSE NONE OF THOSE NATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT BRING VIOLENCE AND DESTRUCTION IS OPEN,  SO WHEN THEY SEE THAT WE OPEN OUR ARMS, THEY WANT TO CUT OUR HANDS!

Will this happen ? IS ALL UP TO US. Every one of us. And before you think about one of your simply solutions and that how with one act you will fix the world, think about is this going to be act of openness and will this be act that going to be the further step in the opening of the world OR THE FEAR WILL SHRINK YOU BACK, THE SAME THE STRESS SHRINK YOUR BRAIN ?

Since the 60s, we are able to destroy ourselves as species. And I think the big nations realize that. But it’s time for the ordinary man to understand it and take a time to think about it.

IT’S THAT FUCKING HARD. And all the economics and war tactics and believes won`t save you, unless you realize that if we want to exist, we must find a way to live together.

And a message to all the cowards out there that right now are hiding and planning their next attack, we will find you and terminate you and no one is going to remember you, because you stood for nothing, no idea, no cause, no love.

But we shall rise, because the foundation of this very land and UNION is peace and unity, and we shall not know fear from you, because we are the light and we shall bright the darkness of the eyes of the people.

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